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Jon sez

Here we see Brody in a rare moment of mental clarity.

Thanks to everyone for their patience while Mark's body healed from surgery. It's my medical opinion that his body's reservoir of awesomeness was interfering with his white blood cells or something. (I got my M.D. from the University of Kamina City.)

Mark sez

All right. After a certain amount of medical leave I think we can get back up and do this thing again now. I haven't really managed to spend any time experimenting with a tablet yet, but I'm at least tweaking how much time I spend planning the page layout vs. how much time I spend actually drawing it -- I noticed that the more I plan and sketch the page, the worse it looks, so perhaps I can at least find a good local maxima here.

After such a long delay I really wanted to lavish all the cool links I found over the last month on you, but it turns out I can't find where I put them all. So I'll instead leave you with this which is a whole month's worth of cool all by itself.