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Jon sez

For those who like big round numbers, we've now done one hundred pages. The story's more than half over. I would celebrate if I weren't really tired from working all week.

I apologize in advance for having used the word "posthuman" in this page. It's a rather silly word, but it's the kind of word that eventually winds up as the de facto standard because there's nothing else with the same level of mindshare when a word like it finally winds up being needed. I tried half a dozen other words in that same place in the sentence before settling on "posthuman," and all of those other words made the sentence look like something out of a bad 1960s SF film. So I decided that in our storyline, some time after weakly godlike AIs showed up, the term posthuman would gain currency to describe them. Problem solved, with minimal damage to the English language.

Mark sez

Whoa, our 100th page, and me without a thing to wear!