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Jon sez

On the navigation bar, up and to the left, you will see a button for Facebook. I have given in to the forces of inevitability, and put up an Afterlife Blues page on Facebook. It'll update whenever the comic updates. Because we're all about convenience here at AB.

The nine trillionth person to sign up for the AB Facebook page will receive Tibet as a prize for being a loyal fan.

We also offer a Live Journal feed and an RSS feed, if people still use those things.

We fully expect to have direct-to-brain updates by Q1 2010. Right now, the alpha tests are turning our test subjects into drooling imbeciles, but our researchers promise they will have that licked before the first quarter of next year.

Mark sez

"Hartnett County" is named after Gabby Hartnett, famous hitter for the Chicago Cubs (seen in that photo autographing a baseball for Al Capone). I would figure that even after another fifty years or so have passed the Cubs still won't have made it back to the World Series.

In other news, you saw that awesome photo of a molecule, yes?