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Jon sez

Secret message to anyone on TV Tropes, which I saw via a referrer link: the rainy Venus in MoS is indeed a shout-out to Bradbury, Heinlein, and Asimov.

Mark sez

I do have to apologize for recent delays. Chalk it up to poor health on my part. I joked with a lot of people that my body was probably just waiting until I finally was done moving into my new place before giving in to a total system collapse, but I didn't think it would be true. When will things be normal again around here? I can't say. But believe me, nobody wishes for this situation to be over with soon more than me...

In other news, I've acquired a mini Wacom tablet. A major point of this comic has always been experimentation with different workflows and I'm hoping at some point to see how all-digital production looks.