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Jon sez

I was speaking today to one of my friends, who said she had taken her nephew to the Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. During her visit a photographer with more chutzpah than sense started ushering people away from the Apollo 11 capsule that's on display there. He received many complaints until he explained that he was trying to get the elderly lady standing with him to pose in front of the capsule for an official photo. The woman was Buzz Aldrin's wife. After they heard that, the crowds around the capsule parted like the Red Sea would for a small, white-haired lady Moses.

The Apollo 11 crew were in the museum to sign books. My friend and her nephew got to see the crew (other than Neil Armstrong, who apparently arrived later). I am deep green with envy.

Mark sez

1. This is my favorite moon-landing-related thing lately.

2. It has been pointed out to me that Benjamin Franklin is also a character in The Adventures of Dr. McNinja. We apologize for the oversight.

3. On an administrative note: Just so you know, a lot of the delays lately have been due to my impending, and in fact now in progress, move to a new place. I... really hope all this nonsense will be sorted out within the next few weeks, believe me!