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Jon sez

We start with science and history: Forty years ago this week, Apollo 11 lifted off, carrying the first humans who would walk on the moon. I was born a few months earlier (my birth heralded great things, it would seem), and my parents made certain I sat up in front of the TV so they could tell me later that I had watched it, even if I couldn't remember. (Luckily for those of us who can't remember the event, there are lots of pictures.)

We move on to the comic page: If you think that "Cola Nine" is a Kurt Vonnegut gag, then you're right. You're also well-dressed, intelligent, and smell like roses and cinnamon. No, wait, that's your horoscope, sorry.

And I think Mark used the flophouse hotel rooms that showed up in so many episodes of Rod Serling's Twilight Zone as his inspiration for the cheap hotel room Our Heroes are staying in. At least, I see a certain kinship.

Mark sez

Yeah, I don't care what Travelocity says, no way is that dump five stars.