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Jon sez

Back in the mid-Eighties I was speaking to a friend who was sitting next to me in a computer lab in college while simultaneously chatting with another friend who was across campus in a different computer lab via the then-fresh medium of the Unix "talk" command. Talk was text-only text messaging, with each character sent as you typed it, the way God and Vinton Cerf meant it to be. At the time, it was rather odd to be holding two completely separate conversations at the same time, one typed and the other spoken. It was a new skill, one that to this day I'm not very good at.

I imagine it would take even more practice to talk and compose a brain-radio message at the same time like Faith does here.

Mark sez

Oh hey, is that an establishing shot of the lobby? Hi there, establishing shot! Glad you could make it just in time for the end of the scene!!