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Jon sez

The description in the script for Molly the receptionist reads as follows:

"Molly is a receptionist for the UNECRO Data Xfer Corp building. Elderly. She's very efficient. She doesn't like interlopers. She probably has a pit bull somewhere in her lineage, or at least a Cossack warrior."
A later stage direction states:
"Faith gets to Molly's huge reception desk, which is like a snowfield of black snow, featureless and glossy. Molly sits behind it like a trapdoor spider."
And still later:
"The monitor is a real physical monitor, not a hologram. The keyboard is a real keyboard, too. There are even papers on her desk. And probably a 'World's Nicest Grandma' mug. The mug is a lie."
And Mark creates this from that. Sometimes I feel like I'm a straight man handing Mark lines that he runs with. And it's awesome.

P.S. They keep telling us that one day your refrigerator will send a message out to the store to replenish the milk when you run out. This advance is always promised for five years in the future, and has been thusly promised since the 90s. Presumably six years in the future, your air conditioner will call out to have its coolant topped off.

Mark sez

I feel that my only option at this time is to give to you Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester!