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Jon sez

The script calls for Brody to put the radio into his sinuses with a small sniff. Mark wrote me and asked if he could snort it in like a pig, because he had a great mental image of the rest of the diner giving Brody that startled look in panel three. I think it worked out really well.

Ahem. SCIENCE! A team at Penn State has been working on a way to use sunlight to turn carbon dioxide and water into methane. The article states that the process uses copper oxide and titanium oxide nanotubes, and that these materials are catalysts - not used up in the process. If this works well, and can be used industrially, it's pretty damned awesome.

In other Hello We're In The 21st Century Where Are My Flying Cars news, Pacific Gas & Electric has signed a contract to buy power from future space-based solar satellites. In a spark of genius, PG&E isn't putting a penny into the project. Instead, they're just saying "if you get this working, we'll happily buy the power for $MONEY per kWh, just like we buy other power."

Mark sez

As for today's page, I'm guessing the offscreen events went something like this.