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Jon sez

The Space Shuttle is up in orbit right now, delivering more parts for the International Space Station. The biggest problem reported during launch was that a bat had decided to take a nap on the external fuel tank in the afternoon. (Of course, they're considering moving the ISS because there's some space junk incoming, so it's not all beer and skittles in space.)

Man, I hope I used the phrase "beer and skittles" correctly. For all I know, I'm totally missing some vital cultural point in its usage.

Now we cue ten people sending me ten different meanings of the phrase, all mutually contradictory and all correct in one particular part of town...

Mark sez

Although I already linked to it before, it's possible that one or two of you may still not be reading Lovecraft Is Missing. Well, you should start, because it's gettin' good. Or rather, I should say that it was already good and it continues to be good, but anyway, yeah, I like it and you should read it. So there.

In other news, new fan art! Yay!