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Jon sez

Hey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, where are the declarations saying what cool froods Mark and I are? I mean, we haven't founded a charity or started a big convention Huh. I think I just demolished my own argument. Never mind, go back to debating water rights in mountaintop communes or whatever the heck the state legislature does these days.

No, seriously, congratulations to the Penny Arcade guys. Now if we could just get rid of [insert name of comic you, the reader, hate] then webcomics could be totally respectable!

Mark sez

I suspect this lady may end up causing some trouble for our heroes. Nah, who am I kidding? I'm sure they'll be fine.

A word of warning: Don't be shocked if you see some dramatic art changes within the next several weeks. AB is very much an experimental comic at least as far as my artwork goes and I want to make some changes. To that end, I'd be very curious to hear from any of our readers who have experience using drawing tablets, especially to do comics work. If you want to help an artist out, by all means please head on over here to my LiveJournal and give me what for!