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Jon sez

Now where have we heard that before?

It may be the future, and your truck may have an electric motor designed to keep down polluting emissions in your underground city, but by jingo that truck had better have a truly immense horn or it isn't a real truck.

Mark sez

It's a pretty impractical truck, though, as I shamefacedly realized after drawing it. There's a reason semi trucks are square. It has to do with stacking stuff so it doesn't fall over, and also to do with the miracle that is the modern forty-foot shipping container. To be honest there's a reason I've usually been indulging in modern designs in this comic, like Bethany's 1911 pistol or those Trabants: I am not the world's greatest at making up plausible mecha designs!

Postscript: Wait, does Liraz count as a mecha design? And if so, does she count as plausible? Better not answer that question.