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Jon sez

Every webcomic, in my opinion, requires a vampiric cyborg. Too bad this webcomic doesn't have one, just a cyborg with a snide sense of humor.

Now if you'll excuse me typing and running, I'm going to go hide under my nice warm covers because I spent five hours chipping ice off my sidewalk and car today. Whoever put in the work order for this weather needs to be fired. Out of a cannon. Into space.

Mark sez

The link for today could be nothing other than Paul Sizer's Little White Mouse. Back when I was in college and reading a lot of indie comics, there was this neat title I always looked forward to. It was about a girl who had been stranded on an automated ore-processing facility, uncountable light years from anywhere. She had to scrounge to get by and try to send a signal for help, hiding in the interstices of the uncaring facility. Little White Mouse had a peculiar publishing schedule, in that every year or so there would be two widely-spaced issues with a completely different style of cover and title and no clear explanation of how they fit into the story continuity, but nonetheless I loved it.

Happily, like many of my other college-days faves such as Galaxion and Buck Godot: Zap Gun For Hire, the story has been rescued from dusty comic shop back issue boxes and you can now read Little White Mouse online. I'm inclined to just pick up the quite reasonably-priced collection myself, but by all means check this comic out. You may like it.