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Jon sez

NASA has been testing a rocket engine that might return people to the moon. It can generate between 10 and 100 percent thrust safely. (They hope.)

In the comic, we also have science...or, really, engineering, which is slightly different than science. The characters are communicating using a mesh network set up on the spot. Mesh networks are hot at the moment, and they're big part of the One Laptop Per Child concept.

Bonus note: If you look closely at this page, you can figure out the last few main characters' last names.

Mark sez

There is no way I would miss an opportunity to use my favorite font, OCR A Extended.

I pointed you at an indie game the last two updates, so why not make it a three-peat? Dino Run is awesome. You are a wee innocent velociraptor on the unfortunate day when a giant meteor slams into Earth to put an end to the age of the dinosaurs. Your goal is, very simply, to run for your life and stay ahead of the pyroclastic cloud of doom and destruction nipping at your heels. This game runs right in your browser so you really have no excuse not to go over and play it right this second.