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Jon sez

Welcome to the year 2009. I believe that this is the year we Make Contact or something. No, wait, that's 2010. False alarm.

Since it's the new year, I resolve to drive Mark mad less often, and therefore to write less scenes with lots of buildings and reflective objects in the backgrou---oh. Crud. I guess I broke that resolution already with this page.

I'm really sorry, Mark. I'll make it up to you by not having the next scene have lots of cars in it, how does that sound?

P.S. Hmmm...I just looked at the next page of the script. Oops.

Mark sez

All right, back to normal schedule now. Hope y'alls had a nice holiday and weren't alternately horribly ill or trapped by blizzards like me. Man, it's been more pleasant to go back to work.

Anywho, I feel I should link you to one or two things you might find interesting. So for starters, how about Endgame: Singularity? In this freeware game, you play the part of an accidentally created sentient Artificial Intelligence. Can you conceal yourself from prying human eyes, increase your computing power as you sneak through the back rooms of the Internet, and eventually take over the world before you can be found and rm -rf *'ed? It's slightly reminiscent of Uplink which is never a bad thing, and shines out as a cyberpunk game in an era sorely lacking in same. Joe Bob says check it out.