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Jon sez

I'm sure Mark was glad we skipped an update for the Christmas holiday, because he told me all the fiddly bits in that city took a couple of days to draw.

Forty years ago, Apollo 8 was the first manned spacecraft to orbit a celestial body other than the Earth. It was in orbit around the moon for less than a day, and returned safely to splash down on December 27, 1968. (The capsule's twenty orbits around the moon would have been a little too short a time to draw this page.)

Mark sez

Yes, I am, and yes, it did. The plus side is that as the story progresses you'll be able to use this page as a map and draw a Family Circus-style map of our heroes' wacky adventures.

While I was visiting Jon this weekend he spoke the words to strike fear into any artist's heart. "I've been thinking about the next comic..."