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Jon sez

On this page, we see Brody fitting in slightly better. Bethany still doesn't like him much, but at least Faith is considering him useful.

This week I did research to design Faith's tattoo. I just wanted to mention that, since no expense is spared here at Afterlife Blues to bring you the best in Intarwebz entertainment! (I lie. The research was free.)

Also this week, have the very cool news of a planet orbiting Fomalhaut being imaged by the Hubble Telescope. The planet is about three times the mass of Jupiter, and completes an orbit around its star in a little under nine centuries.

Mark sez

Eh. I think the best possible spin you could put on the relationship between Bethany and Brody is that she cordially despises him.

What else? Oh hey, I kinda meant to plug this comic I like called Marooned a while back! So I'll just do that now. Better late than never, right?