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Jon sez

I think I may be driving Mark slowly insane with this story. His original layout plan for this scene involved an establishing shot of the exterior of the bar that Brody and his journalist companion are sitting in, but then he remembered that I had laid down a design rule that there wouldn't be any exterior shots in the framing story. He emailed me to ask if this was still in place and I replied that it was. There's a reason for this, but it's desperately full of writing process-wonkery so I'm not going to document it here, in the hope that no one thinks I'm more of a nerd than they already do.

Anyway, as I said, I may be driving him mad. If Mark begins talking about an alternate world where $CANDIDATE2 defeated $CANDIDATE1, you'll know I broke his mind.

Mark sez

Oh, there are so many zingers I could be making right now! But no. I am going to rise above the fray. Calmly. Thoughtfully. Almost... Presidentially. Instead I'll just link you to Worst of the Time Lords and call it a day.