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Jon sez

I'm giving nothing away by saying those people in the hologram Liraz is looking at in the center-right panel are Liraz's brother and his family. The juxtaposition of this and the image of the story's current-day ruins of Planet Athens surely is a coincidence. Surely.

Someone told me that there's an election on Tuesday. (This "someone" was the eleven-billionty-trillion robocalls I've received reminding me that I should vote for the candidate who paid for the robocall because his/her opponent eats kittens.) So if you're an American, be sure to go out and vote for $CANDIDATE1 because he/she is significantly better than $CANDIDATE2. The sonorous mechanical voices of the phone-robots tell me that $CANDIDATE2 isn't going to do enough about the crippling shortage of robot-required lugnuts in America. When $CANDIDATE1 wins, remember that you heard it here first!

(P.S. Vote!)

Mark sez

And that's it for Part One! We'll pretty much just be diving straight into Part Two on Thursday so be sure to tune in.

You probably wouldn't have heard if you're not from the United States, as we don't like to make a big production out of these things, but there's an election going on here in this country. I would like to urge all my fellow Americans to head out and vote on Tuesday so we can finally accomplish what we weren't able to do last time: beat those danged Canadians at democracy. All we have to do to win is clear 59.1% turnout and those Canucks will be crying in their maple syrup. We can do it! USA! USA!

Finally, your weekly science for the week: please enjoy these astonishing photographs of Enceladus.