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Jon sez

Last week, Mark said it's a good thing Brody didn't look Liraz up in Wikipedia or he would have read that she was a kind of fruit. If he checked now, a couple of days later, it would have said she was a kind of zeppelin. Or maybe an action figure.

Mark sez

As you've no doubt noticed, when drawing comics I have a tendency to rush along, cramming as much dialog in as possible. I know it's to Jon's despair at times how hurried I am and I probably don't do the smoothest job of it, but I firmly believe that the webcomics medium just isn't suited to telling a story in any fashion but quickly. Updating at two pages a week with the odd glitch due to artist flakiness unavoidable problems, it can still take five years to tell a medium-sized story. Stretching that out would be unbearable. That being said, the way this page and the next fell out gave me a chance to play a bit and actually have Liraz walking around and doing physical things without so much dialog. I kind of like it even though I had a bad couple of hours where I forgot how to draw hands. (You are welcome to judge for yourself if I actually ended up remembering again or not.)

On an unrelated note, The Adventures of Ellie Connelly is a kind of cool new webcomic! It's got a distinctive newspaper art style and it's set in the 1890s, which is two points in its favor already. You should read it.