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Jon sez

Science fiction is in the business of predicting things. On this page, we predict that in the late 21st century Arizona will still exist and the United States will still have a Marine Corps. Who knows if our predictions will come true? It's a gamble! We take risks here at Afterlife Blues.

Anyway... It's been on Slashdot by now, but I'm still going to share the Corpus Clock with you. (Expanatory video here.) By the time I watched to the end of the video, I had an immense grin on my face. The machine is gorgeous, and its creator shows such obvious joy in its existence.

And while we're sharing videos, allow me to link to this video simulating the movement of stars in a spiral galaxy and this video showing plant seedlings glowing whenever they grow. Neat.

Mark sez

Don't worry, it's not going to take us two months to get to New Abilene. Anyways, we've now met all the protagonists in our little rodeo here.

In other news, were you aware that the sun is a mass of incandescent gas? Or that the universe really is full of things? Because it's true, you know.