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Jon sez

First, I must share this. Thank you. Please readjust any tinfoil hats after reading that page. (The LHC isn't going to destroy the world. I will bet a billion dollars on this. Mostly because I won't be expected to pay in the astronomically unlikely event that I'm wrong.)

On to the comic itself! That strange, cylindrical person talks quite firmly for some reason. Why is he interested in rescuing someone named Seth? And what is that thing on Liraz's right wrist (also seen here, here, and here), anyway? Will I ever answer these questions even though I know the entire plot because I wrote it?

Mark sez

So hey! If you want to subscribe to my Spore stuff, my username is KSleet. And you will get the small amount of stuff I've created so far (I'm only as far along as the Tribal stage as yet.)