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Jon sez

What Bethany is describing here is a sting operation. If you decide to get into a life of crime, there are people out there who will take exception to this. They have colleges they attend to learn how to deal with you. Among the tools they learn are a set of methods for capturing criminals in the act.

News regarding the Spirit and Opportunity rovers on Mars is that they are both still working long past their expected end of mission, although they're both showing signs of wear. Spirit has lost the use of one of its six wheels, and Opportunity has problems with a motor that moves its robotic arm to the point where they can't stow it for fear it will never move again. But they both keep working, in an incredibly cold, dusty environment. If you're more interested in pictures than words, the Phoenix Lander has taken a picture of the Sun as seen over the roof of the world. On Mars.

Mark sez

What on earth do all those pipes transport, anyway?

In other news, long-running mad science webcomic (and A Miracle of Science supporter) Casey and Andy has just ended, appropriately enough with its 666th comic. Congratulations to Andy Weir! I think my favorite running gag was always the bit with the King of Sweden crashing on their couch and refusing to go home.

Oh, and before I forget, we updated one day late last time. So if you only drop by on Mondays and Thursdays be sure to back up a page to read the previous comic.