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Jon sez

It's always the quiet ones who are packing heat. Remember that if you ever decide to be a complete idiot while you're meeting new people on a spaceship. It may be important. This message brought to you by the Don't Be Like Brody Association

In any case, we see here why it's not always a good idea to tell your people to keep a newcomer off balance without giving specific instructions about how. It can lead to misunderstandings like this.

Mark sez

Oh, they'll laugh about this later, I'm sure. As far as the art on this page goes, I don't know exactly how successful it was but it was definitely interesting. I'm trying to stretch myself drawing AB and that extends to little things like Bethany's coat and the way it drapes over her arms. I would like to call your attention to her right shoe, though. It came out awesome.. Seriously, check that action out. Wow.