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Jon sez

Man, Russia has the coolest stuff. Here in America, you'll find a Chevy up on blocks behind someone's garage. In Russia, you'll find the remains of a Buran. The Buran was a prototype reusable winged orbiter like the American Space Shuttle. Unfortunately, the project was shut down after the collapse of the USSR, and the only flight version of the vehicle was destroyed when a roof collapsed on it.

Mark sez

There's a Will Smith joke in here somewhere, I know it... hmmm... nope, it's not coming. Oh well. I can however state that things which make Liraz smile are likely to make other people very unhappy indeed.

So if you're into astronomy and whatnot, it seems like not only has a beach been discovered on Titan (more specifically, the supposition that the dark spots on its surface are lakes of liquid hydrocarbons has been confirmed) but at press time it's claimed that the presence of water ice on Mars has been confirmed, with an official press conference to follow today. I like this stuff. (Bonus: Neat picture!)