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Jon sez

Brody seems so enthusiastic in that middle panel, doesn't he? It's like he's in middle school, dealing with the principal after a prank gone awry.

Speaking of awkward segueways: One of the things that Mark told me recently is that the definition I gave him for women's business clothing in this comic (jacket, tie, pants) makes it rather hard to come up with the design of business clothing for men. Good thing for Mark that Brody won't be wearing anything other than scuzz-wear any time soon.

Mark sez

I'm still recovering from my trip to Seattle -- to summarize, the city: lovely! the conference: interesting! getting there and back: nightmarish! -- so let me just do a plug instead. Namely, Phil Foglio's super-awesome comic book series Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire, one of my all-time favorites from the antique time when dinosaurs roamed the earth, flared pants were considered cool, and comics had to be printed at vast expense on paper and physically distributed all over the country (can you imagine that?) is now being reprinted online over at the Airship Entertainment site. They're up to Issue 3 of the Gallimaufry series!