Project Apollo
A Home Page For The Looming Future

Primary Items

Mayfly Studio All my indie game work and writing goes up on this Tumblr.
DeviantArt Random new art gets uploaded here, even though I hate DeviantArt.
Afterlife Blues Current comic. (Currently on hiatus.)
A Miracle of Science Previous comic. All finished.

Secondary Items

No Headroom Ancient cyberpunk parody comic.
Planetsiders Slightly less ancient Planetside parody comic.
The Grand List Of Console Role Playing Game Clichés Yes, I'm the guy who did this.

Tertiary Items

Malarkey Stupendously ancient, never-finished comic, but I'm still vaguely fond of it.
They All Laughed Another stupendously ancient, never-finished comic. Beginning to notice a pattern here.
Game Programming Portfolio Years out of date, so be cautious. Includes the Combat FAQ.
Interactive Fiction Not doing this currently, but the page does include the completed IF game Star City.
History Far too many older versions of this website.
LiveJournal Moribund blog. Does anyone besides Russian spammers still use LJ, anyway?